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So this weekend had some amazing weather!

Went to Voltige Saturday night with my girlfriends, had a few beers by the campfire, crashed in a buddy’s trailer on the table we were 8 or 9 people sleeping there haha!

So come Sunday morning, the day began with a 14 way that I woke up too late to participate in, but I got to watch from the ground. Only 2 or 3 people made it back and Skygod bless them for taking it upon themselves to figure out the winds and walk the 2 miles back so that we don’t have to lol!


My day started off with a 5 way that involved my girlfriend and 3 others. We planned to do “Doughnut, star – right, doughnut, star-left then caterpillar (for those of you who don’t understand that, it’s basically the names of the formations we did, doughnut is a circle, star is when people turn in that direction and caterpillar is basically where people are a zig zag in the sky).


The exit went to hell but we managed to recover it and got our 1st point done however, on the 1st star attempt, I lost altitude and couldn’t catch up in time. On the landing, I tried practicing lower altitude turns (still at about 300 feet) to be able to get some speed and work on my control. The landing went smoothly and I got a fairly nice swoop out of it.

As soon as I landed however, I was rushed to catch my “taxi” (a pick-up truck waiting for me) to get back on the plane as I was informed that I was going to fly with two friends of mine who were on a tandem on the next load. The load was supposed to be one later, but got pushed up. Needless to say, I was rushing like hell and the plane was waiting for me at the end of the runway. At this point, I noticed a huge crack in the visor of my factory diver. =( So I unfortunately had to order a new one.

I was the only non tandem skydiver on the plane, so I decided to myself that I’d do a high altitude opening (10 000 feet) and work on my canopy flying skills. I also got to push everyone out of the way while creeping to the back of the plane haha!

I was working on my front riser controls during this flight, got myself kind of dizzy though and nearly puked inside my now “broken visor” helmet. Wasn’t fun, but I kinda laughed to myself for my weak stomach.
Come time to land, I did the same thing as the last jump, but went out slightly farther so I’d have more room. But this time, I noticed something…. There was no wind in my face… Instead of slowing down, I just kept moving forward farther and farther until I was about 20 feet from the picnic tables… Evasive maneuver time! I flared early, ended up stalling at about 7 feet in the air and landed on my knees about 5 feet from the crowd of people who were all cheering… Why were they cheering you ask? Not because I didn’t hit them… But because I had passed the beer line and I now owed a case of beer.

The tandem masters all came and thanked me, and all day I kept being reminded about how I owed beer haha!

I still owe that beer and I plan on bringing it to Voltige in a few weeks when I go back to do my 100th jump with Nicolas Huard (One of the DZOs) who will be taking me on my 1st CRW jump.

I’m stoked as hell!

I’ll be in Victoriaville this weekend, hopefully back at the DZ if the weather permits, so I’ll have a new post for you guys then and possibly a surprise or two before hand.


Blue ones in the meantime everyone!



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Voltige this coming weekend!

So last weekend I got to head out to Voltige for a few hours with a few people who wanted to try out a tandem. Being at a DZ I obviously couldn’t just go and not jump, budget being slightly limited, I only did two. I got an 8 way track jump done (where i lost the group and ended up about 300 feet above everyone) and  5 way spider (I was the left arm).


This weekend I’m heading back there with my girlfriend and a couple of friends of mine who want to try out a jump and I’ve got some extra spare funds, so it’s looking like fun times ahead!

The weather’s going to be slightly cloudy though, so we’ll see how things pan out. More to come!


Blue skies everyone!



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2 days to Voltige!!!

I’m heading back to a DZ that I haven’t been to in quite some time. It’s one of the first DZs I jumped at, and is probably the place I feel most at home at.

I’m not speaking about the staff, I’m talking about the people…. The skydivers at Voltige are one of a kind. There is no other way for me to describe it. But I can say one thing. I’m excited to go back!

I’ll be bringing a few people with me who wanted to try out a jump and they’re quite stoked to go!

I’ll have an article up about it this coming week.


By the way, I wanted to take a minute to thank Tara at UPT for her excellent service. She is a star and is always willing to help. If you’re looking at getting yourself a container, get in touch with her, she’ll not only take the time to help you with your order, she’ll always be available to answer any questions you have if ever you do. She is back office, so people don’t always get to speak to her, but I wanted to give her a quick shout out!


Blue skies everyone!



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Whuffo’s first jump

Until recently, Kalpesh S. was a Whuffo. (For those of you who don’t know what a whuffo is, it’s a person who asks “What for?”  As in: “What do you jump off a perfectly good airplane for?).
I came across his post on Twitter asking if he should try it out. As all of you know, the first thing I’d tell anyone contemplating their first jump: “DO IT!”. And guess what? He did!

I asked him to write up an article about his experience and I’d like to welcome him to the group of people who will not look to the skies longing to return =).

By Kalpesh S.

“I am going to be your best friend for the next few minutes”, said my skydiving instructor, Adrian. He could not have spoken truer words as my life dependent on him doing his job.

As we were gearing up, Adrian continued to give me instructions on the steps to follow during the dive. Surprisingly for a person who is/was afraid of heights, I was not feeling nervous yet. The credit for this goes to Adrian and his precise instructions. After a final check of the gear, we were ready to board the plane.

There were three other divers in the plane. I was hoping to be the first one to jump off, but ended up at the very end of the plane. “Are you comfortable jumping off a plane that is put together with a duct tape?” Adrian asked. “Better to jump off than stay in such a plane”, I replied. I would feel the air getting colder as we started climbing. “We are at one mile, but that is not enough for us, is it?” Adrian said. “No sir, we will get up to 2 ½ miles”. No signs of nerve yet. After a short while, we arrived at the desired altitude and the plane’s door opened up. The other divers jumped off one by one. I was thinking I might get nervous once we get to the edge of the plane. However, we didn’t stay at the edge  long enough for the nervousness to kick in. We took the plunge almost as soon as we were at the edge.

Fear was not the first thing I felt; it was surprise. Surprise because I did not get a feeling of plummeting to Mother Earth. It felt more like floating even though we were falling at an incredible speed. Since the weather was clear the view was awesome. I did look down to the ground once and realized how far up we were. It was an amazing feeling. The parachute opened up after about one minute and our descent slowed down considerably. This gave me more time to look around and take in more of the views. Adrian and I were still talking as he continued to walk me through the process. We manipulated the parachute towards the landing area. I could see my family way down on the ground. They still looked so tiny. I knew they were looking for me so I tried to get their attention by waving at them. But they were looking in the directions of the other divers trying to identify me. Finally, it was time to land. Adrian had prepared me for this as well. We had a smooth and uneventful landing followed by hugs all-around.

This was a fantastic experience made possible by the very skillful team at Skydive Snohomish. Thank you for doing a great job. I WILL do this again.

You can watch the video of skydive below – comments welcome.



I want to thank Kalpesh for sharing, and if ever any of you decide to try out a tandem or take your AFF or PFF, please let me know, I want to hear about it!

Blue skies!

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This summer has several promising events at the DZs in the region. One that truly caught my attention was the Boogie Fest 2012 at Parachutisme Atmosphair.

It caught my eye for a few reasons, one of which is that it falls around my birthday.  Another is that it’s a boogie aimed at promoting Festivent which is a hot air balloon festival that is celebrating it’s 30 years.
One of the events includes demo jumps into a stadium full of people. (70 jumps total, all will be free for those of you who have their EJR).

The event will also have a wingsuit camp, 2 plane big ways (Caravan and Twin Otter), a 7 seat helicopter and a Red Bull party.

It is the FIRST major skydive event in the region of Quebec city and I’m planning on being present.

See below for the ad.


Blue skies,





Cet été  à énormément d’évènements qui me semblent intéressantes aux DZs dans la région. Une d’entre elles qui a vraiment pris mon attention c’est le Boogie Fest 2012 à Parachutisme Atmosphair.

Il y a plusieurs raisons pour laquelle elle m’a attiré, la première c’est qu’elle sera aux alentours de mon anniversaire. Un autre est que c’est un boogie qui sert à faire la promotion de Festivent le festival des montgolfières qui célèbre ses 30 ans. Un des évènements inclus des sauts demo dans un stade remplis de personnes. (70 sauts total, tous seront gratuit pour ceux d’entre vous qui ont leur CSD)

L’évènement aura aussi un camp de Wingsuit, des big ways de 2 avions (Twin Otter ainsi que Caravane), un hélico de 7 passagers et une soirée Red Bull.

C’est le PREMIER évènement majeur de parachute dans la région du Québec et je prévois y être.

Voir l’annonce ci-dessous pour plus d’infos.


Ciels bleus,


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Security day at Parachutisme Victoriaville + my next trip coming up!




(Salut tout le monde! Cet article sera écrite en Français aussi car un des DZ se situe dans un coin Francophone, la version FR. se situe après celle en Anglais)


Hey everyone!

Sorry about the hiatus, site was down for maintenance over the past little while to upgrade the servers.


I want to take a second to thank Mike, my partner and associate at Skydive Addiction for everything he’s done. He is the man when it comes to the web work; he’s put in lots of hours working on improving the site for our readers and bloggers and continues to do so. (If anyone’s interested in checking out his other work, his portfolio is located here.)


Now down to the dirty. So last weekend, I got the chance to head to Parachutisme Victoriaville for their security day. It was day 1 of the season for them so a bunch of the regular skydivers from the DZ were there as well as some of my friends from a few other DZs in Quebec.

The weather was a bit too windy to jump, so we took advantage to review the different features of a container and why some of the add-ons are included. We also discussed emergency procedures when in the plane, in freefall and under canopy.

We spent approximately two hours talking about all this. Afterwards, I took some time to wander around the DZ a bit.

They have a Navajo (which seats 10) as well as an indoor packing area (which some people take advantage to sleep in on cold nights).

The DZ is on a municipal airport so it’s super easy to spot from the sky.

The staff is extremely friendly, Luc Carignan is the DZO, his son Pierre-luc and his daughter Joanie both work at the DZ as well.

This isn’t the type of DZ who is going to look at you and say “you have enough jumps, do whatever you want”. They are going to talk to you and maybe fly with you before deciding whether or not you’re safe.

The facilities are extremely modern and the DZ is a place I would suggest you go to learn.

I didn’t get the chance to jump unfortunately so I can’t really speak about fun jumping yet, but I promise that I will head back during the summer and get a more detailed review for everyone!

Weather permitting, I will be at Skydive Gananoque this coming weekend with a few friends and readers who want to try out a tandem, so I’ll have a story and some pictures up by the middle of the week!


In the meantime,


Blue skies and keep flying!







Je m’excuse de l’hiatus tout le monde, le site était en train de se faire mettre à jour.


Je voulais prendre un instant avant de débuter mon article pour remercier mon associé et partenaire d’affaires Mike pour tout ce qu’il à fait pour Skydive Addiction. C’est lui qui à fait tout le travail sur le site ainsi que sur le serveur et il continue de sacrifier son temps pour que nôs lecteurs ainsi que nos bloggeurs  aient un site qui marche correctement. (Si vous êtes intéressé à voir son portfolio, vous pouvez le trouver ici.)


Donc, pour poursuivre : En fin de semaine dernière, j’ai eu l’opportunité de visiter Parachutisme Victoriaville pour leur journée de la sécurité. C’était la première journée de la saison donc il y a eu plusieurs parachutistes réguliers ainsi que d’autres parachutistes d’ailleurs qui se sont présentés.

Malheureusement, la météo n’était pas de nôtre coté. Il ventait trop fort pour sauter donc nous avons pris plus de temps pour avoir nôs briefings de sécurité. Les coachs présents ont discuté les différentes composantes d’un harnais et pourquoi il y a des ajouts qui sont inclus. Il y a aussi eu une présentation des procédures d’urgence dans l’avion, en chute libre et sous-voilure.

La présentation à duré approximativement deux heures. Par la suite, j’ai pris du temps pour aller faire le tour de la Drop Zone.

Ils ont un Navajo (qui peux asseoir 10 parachutistes) ainsi qu’un aire de pliage intérieur (Ou des gens prennent avantage de dormir sur le plancher lors de nuits froides haha!)

La Drop est situé sur un aéroport municipal, donc il est très facile à voir dans le ciel.

Les employés sont extrêmement sympathiques, Luc Carignan est le DZO, son fils Pierre-Luc et sa fille Joanie font aussi parti de l’équipe.

Ce n’est pas le type de DZ ou on te regardera et on te dira « Tu as assez de sauts, fais ce que tu veux ». C’est le genre de place ou on discutera avec toi, on volera avec toi et par la suite, on décidera si tu es sécuritaire.

Les facilités sont très modernes. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas eu l’opportunité de sauter pour le moment, donc je ne peux pas parler de l’aspect des « fun jumpers », mais je vous promets que j’y retournerai cet été et je vous donnerai un article un peu plus détaillé.

Si la météo permet, je serais de retour à Skydive Gananoque en fin de semaine avec quelques amis et lecteurs qui veulent essayer des Tandems. Je devrais avoir des photos et un article pour vous sous peu.


Entre temps,


Blue skies et continuez de voler!