Instructor Assisted Deployment

With IAD, just like PFF/AFF and SL, you will begin by attending a ground school. This ground school will begin by teaching you how to pilot your canopy (parachute) and land it safely. It will also go over emergency procedures, exiting the plane and the basics of free fall.

With IAD, similarly to Static Line deployment, you jump solo out of the plane at an altitude of 3000 feet. However, with IAD you are not attached to the plane by a cord, in this case, the instructor holds your pilot chute when you jump off the plane and your parachute is immediately released. Similarly to the Static Line training, you are immediately under canopy when you are out of the plane, but this time you have an instructor who does the pulling.

Once you jump off the plane, the instructor will release the pilot chute into the wind and it will pull your canopy out of the container. You will be free to fly the canopy towards the drop zone. (You will be guided by a coach who is watching you from the ground and speaking to you by radio).

After successfully completing your first jump, you will be given more leeway by the ground coach who will stop guiding you on the radio unless needed.
When you are able to land safely, your instructor will then start bringing you into controlled free fall, where you will start off by getting 10-15 seconds of free fall before releasing your pilot chute. The next will give you 15-20 seconds, then 20-25 seconds and so on.

Like Static Line training, you will be brought directly to your A license instead of obtaining a solo license first as you will require many more jumps before you are given the opportunity to be in free fall for the entire skydive. The course however doesn’t need to be done in 1 weekend, it’s usually done over a longer period of time.

At the end of this course, you will do  your A license exam. After successful completion of this exam you will obtain your A license and owe beer. The A license will allow you to jump alone anywhere in the world, you could jump in formation with a skydiver who has a B license and a minimum of 100 jumps or with a coach/instructor.

IAD and static line aren’t offered at many drop zones in Canada anymore as they have been replaced by AFF/PFF at most places.

For more information about the different licenses, you can check out the CSPA website or contact me here