Haven’t tried a tandem?

So from what you’re telling me, you decided you want to learn to skydive without ever having tried a tandem?

My strong suggestion is to do one first before committing several hundred if not thousand Dollars/Pounds/Euros/Whatever your currency towards getting lessons for something you may not even like.
Skydiving ISN’T a sport for everyone, unfortunately that’s the truth of it. I’m not going to lie to you and say that everyone should be a skydiver and everyone will be a pro at it.
Some people can’t stomach the movement and get motion sickness, some people panic, some people simply are not able to be safe in the sky.

Why risk hurting yourself and potentially hurting someone else for something that you have no idea whether or not you’ll like.

By attempting a tandem first, you will get a taste of what skydiving is and from there you’ll be much more able to gauge whether or not the sport is for you or not.

If you’d like to find out more about getting a tandem or where you should go to try one and reserve it, you can email Adam and he can point you in the right direction to one of the Drop Zones in your area that is supported by your local parachute association that is near where you live.

Now, if you still feel that you want to forgo doing a tandem and skip ahead to the next step (which would be taking lessons), click here.