In Canada, your first skydive license is called the Solo license. This license allows you to jump anywhere in Canada without having a coach or instructor present. You are still considered a novice level skydiver and are not cleared to jump in formation with anyone unless this person is a coach or instructor who is teaching you. This license is only obtained through the AFF/PFF course.

Otherwise, you will go directly to the second level license which is the A license. This license is the standard world-wide and you are cleared to jump alone anywhere in the world, with a second person who is a coach/instructor or someone who has their B level license and 100 jumps.
The first step to becoming a skydiver is to decide how you want to learn. There are 3 types of courses:


AFF/PFF courses

Static Line deployment (SL)

Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD)


Once you’ve decided what type of course you want to take, you simply need to get in touch with your local Drop Zone to schedule a course or you could e-mail Adam and he can point you in the right direction.