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Winter Recap

Well it sure has been a while, how about a quick update?

Rewind back to November – our University of Minnesota Skydiving Club has been vying for a way to get to the USPA 2010 Collegiate Nationals in Eloy, AZ. After writing a massive essay, we received word that we had been given a 2,000 dollar grant for the tournament. Needless to say we were excited about the idea of spending a week in skydiving paradise. Most of our crew had only jumped from Cessna’s and the occasional Pac-750. Skydive AZ has multiple skyvans, a fleet of otters, a DC3, a cool biplane, AND two hot air balloons. Did I mention the wind tunnel? Yeah they have one of those too.

The trip was a huge success, we made a ton of jumps, spent some time in the tunnel, and even enjoyed a Mr. Bill/Accuracy jump. However, the best part by far was the people we met along the way.┬áThis was my first ‘real’ taste of the skydiving community on a national scale (this taste involved Jack Daniels, GoFast!, and other substances for which the statute of limitations has not yet expired) – and all I can say is that I am proud to call myself a friend amongst you all.

When we finally get around to editing down the footage, I’ll post some clips of our amazing adventure.

Recent boogies include the small, but excited Alpha Boogie at Osceola airport. This boogie is a┬áreunion/memorial for the St. Croix Valley Skydivers, some of whom tragically died in a plane crash in February of 1991. One of the coolest parts of the boogie was being able to meet some of the U of M Skydiving Club Alumni, ranging from the 1970’s – 1990’s. Stories of downplane CRW formations pulled down past 150 were swapped over beers for most of the night. Jeff Hove was on hand to show some photographs of Collegiate Nationals, airport shenanigans, and very detailed logbooks from years past. He recalled being thought as “crazy” for jumping “…those radical new square parachutes.”

Funny, the way it is.

After Eloy I was eager to hop in a tunnel again, and the U of M Skydiving club was going to do just that. We headed out to SkyVenture Colorado for some serious tunnel time before the season began, and let me tell you – it was awesome. After an hour in the tunnel I was starting to turn solid points in the Mantis position. I’m excited to see where my newfound skills take me in the sky.

Next weekend is our bi-annual University of Minnesota Skydiving Club Tandem Event at Skydive Twin Cities in Baldwin, WI ( Hopefully several of those starting the AFF progression will stick with it and eventually join our club, as over half our membership graduates this year. :-/

But I’m excited to make a skydive with Goldy Gopher, as well as put some more jumps on. Hopefully I’ll be able to get onto that Stilleto by the end of the summer, I’m not sure how much longer my sabre will last!

Blue skies


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