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Skydiving in Iran… Not so simple



Hey everyone!


So I got the chance to speak to one of our fans on Facebook, her name is Fatemeh, she lives in Iran. In Iran, women aren’t allowed to skydive… Not many people are in fact allowed to, so when I found out where she was from, I asked her to write about her story. Here it is:

So it goes back to the time that I was doing gymnastics, It’s been like13 years that I’ve been a gymnast and now I found myself needing more adrenaline. First, this desire took me to sports like Bungee Jumping, but it didn’t satisfy me. I needed more, I needed to go higher.  I had a normal family so started to save money and wait to become 18 years old to start skydiving! At first, I was looking forward to start this in my own country but I heard that women were not allowed to fly and just a few civil male jumpers are skydiving in Iran. It so was disappointing! But fortunately I’ve saved enough of my money to go to Skydive Dubai. After I did my first jump, I couldn’t really believe that it was happening to me. That I’m gonna skydive and fly high! I just couldn’t believe it! But it happened, and after my first Jump I just couldn’t stop. I wanted more and more and more! Now I’m a skydiving addict =D So once again I find myself saving money to be back to different drop zones and get all my Skydiving License . I’m also looking forward to being allowed to do some civil jumps in my country because there are so few female skydivers in Iran.
In Skydive Dubai, I met brilliant people who make you believe that skydiving is just as easy as eating a pie 😛
Remember BIG smile on your face while skydiving all the time! Your greatest responsibility is to enjoy your jumps !
Blue Skies !
This just shows how motivated a person can be to partake in our beautiful sport. Not only does she save her money for years, but she flies to a completely different country just to participate!
My hat’s off to you Fatemeh!