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Never thought that giving something would be so hard….

This week is one of the Héma-Québec blood drives, they’ve been putting ads all over the place with the whole “Give blood, give life” thing.
I figured to myself that I’ve done quite a bit of living, might as well share the wealth.

I’ve never actually done this before, so I wasn’t familiar with the procedures, so I decided Well, since I have a half hour lunch, been eating all day, that should be PLENTY of time.”


Turns out that the 2 minute procedure of drawing a liter of blood is actually followed by a 58 minute proceedure of filling out forms, answering questions and eating cookies….
I went to donate blood, and was sent packing because I wasn’t able to give them an extra half hour of my time…
I even offered to come back at the end of my work day, which is 4 pm give or take 10 minutes (sometimes I’m stuck working on something for a bit, but USUALLY I’m done at 4)

The woman tells me that they stop taking patients at 4 pm and aren’t willing to wait 5 MINUTES for one more…

They have a counter going on, and it’s aimed at 75 donors… They’re at 40 and today’s the last day… They spend millions on ads to get more donors, yet they can’t wait 5 more minutes for one?
Hell, they planted themselves inside the biggest office building in Montreal… 44 floors of offices, easily with 5-10 thousand employees overall, but they set themselves up to work 9-4?!?!
They’d have more donors being open from 7 am-9 am then 4 pm to 6 pm….
4 hour work day but at efficient times… Work smart not hard was something that I had always been told…

Anyways, I’m done ranting haha.

On another note: I WANNA B.A.S.E. MY OFFICE! Heck, if I don’t survive, Héma-Québec can take the blood that splatters on the pavement 😉


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The agonizing truth about skydiving…

The title sounds painful doesn’t it?

It is!

The most painful thing about skydiving is

Wait for it

Keep waiting

It’s coming soon, I promise

For those of you who already are skydivers, you probably already knew what I was getting at

For those of you who aren’t

Getting annoyed yet?

Fine, I’ll tell you. The most painful and agonizing part of the sport is the fact that 95% of your time is spent waiting for something.

Waiting on the weather to improve so that you can jump.

Waiting on the plane to gas up so that the next load can board.

Waiting on your load to board so you can get up in the air.

Waiting on the plane to get into altitude so that you can open the door.

Waiting for the door to open so that people can start jumping out.

Waiting on that dude who’s spending 3 hours looking out the door for obstacles and for the “perfect spot” to jump out.

Waiting on your turn to finally jump off the plane.


Waiting to get to the right altitude to open your canape.

Waiting to get to the point where you start your landing pattern.


Waiting on the rigger to pack your parachute (If you’re lazy that is)

Waiting on the next load to go in the air.

Oh and I almost forgot
Waiting on your new gear to arrive, which is usually on back order, so you get a LONG wait.
I’ve been waiting 2 weeks so far, and I was just told that it’ll be another month at least before I get my new helmet :'(
Here’s to hoping that I get it in time for my birthday. (July 31st)