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So it’s official:

After 22 jumps, I’ve spent at the very least 18:32 minutes of my life falling…

(Not including falling on the ground, falling out of trees, bungee jumping, or any other kinds of falls :P)

Today was an AMAZING day for skydiving, got 5 of my VR jumps in for my A license.
The day was mainly aimed at people coming to do free-flying, so I got to see a SICK formation being done with a 15 person big way. I was the last off the plane with my instructor Valerie, who was quick to point out to me that we should watch the plane, (we got to jump at 15000 feet instead of the usual 13500 on this jump, and since we were last off the plane (which is a rare occurrence unless you’re a Tandem) we got to watch it spike (fly downwards about as fast as we were falling) after 10-15 seconds of it spiking, we started out track practice for my 7th VR jump. This was a great way to end a beautiful day before going to another drop zone to meet Valerie again for my last 3 jumps.

This is a video of some great tracking…


For those of you who don’t know, tracking is very important when doing group jumps and formations… You basically do it at the end to split up in the sky so that you can get enough distance between you to not crash into each other when deploying your parachute 🙂

– Adam

5 thoughts on “So it’s official:

  1. slow down, I need to catch up lol

  2. I’m jealous. lol

  3. I feel ya… If you get the job at the wind tunnel, then I’ll be the jealous one who has to catch up… It’s very hard to catch up on 20k of tunnel time lol

  4. heh. We’ll see where things go in the next month 😉

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