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The Modern Vegas: Online Casino and Skydiving Simulations

Whenever people hear the word Vegas, entertaining table games and flashy slot machines come to mind. However, little do people know that the casino capital of the US also offers a unique kind of attraction: indoor skydiving. Those who have always wanted to experience the sport but are afraid to actually take a leap 16,000 feet above the ground can now go through it with less risk.

The indoor skydiving attraction uses a vertical wind tunnel that generates a strong enough wind to support and sustain an adult in midair. It’s completely safe since there’s a trampoline floor at the bottom and the walls are fully-padded. Before skydiving, guests will be briefed about the proper indoor skydiving techniques and will be equipped with the right gear. The entire experience takes about an hour.
Despite being made into an indoor activity, the Vegas skydiving attraction offers a realistic feeling based on the people who have tried it. In fact, the experience is so real that people who have tried it reported bruises and sore muscles – an after effect that can be obtained in skydiving.

While indoor skydiving may sound like a far cry from the attractions traditionally offered at the Riviera Casino, there are actually fundamental connections between the two. When playing casino games, players feel the thrill of trying to beat their opponents in table games or get an increase in adrenaline when anticipating for slot machine jackpots. Skydiving offers a similar kind of thrill and promotes an increase in adrenaline when a person starts floating high in mid air. In addition, casino games are now being played online. Online casino and indoor skydiving can be considered as simulated versions between their two, actual counterparts. Today, games at Castle Jackpot give a realistic feel of playing actual casino games by offering live poker matches over the Internet. As for the actual skydiving that involves jumping off a real plane and using a parachute, its indoor counterpart promotes a simulated experience but offer a similar feeling with actual one.

To those who want to experience indoor skydiving, you may visit Vegas Indoor Skydiving for more details.

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