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I finally got my Protrack!

I haven’t had much opportunity to jump as of late, but I figured I’d give all of you a head’s up =)

I got my Protrack on Saturday and I plan on jumping it this weekend, so expect a review soon.

Initial opinion of Larsen & Brusgaard:
They have VERY fast shipping and from what I’ve heard, their service is impeccable.
The instruction manual is simple enough to read

As for the Protrack:
Setting up the logbook/audible was very easy.
It’s got some very sweet options including volume control, logbook for up to 9999 jumps.
Detailed logs of your last 10.
You can log your total freefall time up to now for it to keep track of future freefall time.
It calculates fall speeds (and has an option to compensate for pressure changes)

All in all, It’s a very sweet ditter so far and I’m looking forward to jumping with it 🙂

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