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CRW and Injuries…

Hey everyone,

So the past little while I’ve been raving about the fact that I was going to get to learn CRW. Francois Huot, our local CRW guru has taken myself and a few others under his wing to teach us the ropes.

The only problem? During a big way camp he was giving us, I ended up messing up my knee and my ankle. I’m unsure what ligaments are damaged, but it seems like it’s my LCL and my MCL. Not major, but enough pain that it’s been scaring me away from going back to the skies… I do enjoy walking, that’s for sure.

With 1 week to go before GO BIG CRW, I’m praying to the skygods for a miracle recovery, but it’s doubtful… And it’s very disappointing as there are 32 other CRW dogs expected to be participating… Looks like I’ll be watching from the ground.

This injury also stopped me from going to the Nationals, but from what I can see, there’s a LOT of action going on there, check out the CSPA’s facebook page for all the standings.

Congrats to all the medalists so far!

Blue ones!


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