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Celebrity Skydiver

I have a picture of me skydiving on the cover of a national magazine this month.

No, it’s not Parachutist or Blue Skies. My cover is on TCL = Today’s Chiropractic Lifestyle.

Still, it’s kinda a big deal. I wrote an article about why I fell in love with skydiving. Then I did a photo shoot with my friend Warren Cleary (who is a pretty crazy skilled free flier and photographer) and got the footage needed for the article and the editors liked the photos so much they used one for the cover. Here’s the PDF: TC_DoorToNow

I’ve been a local celebrity at work since the magazine has come out and everyone has seen it. I work at a chiropractic school and many people didn’t know I was skydiving so the cover and article has generated some buzz. I also brought copies to the DZ and have signed a few copies. It is totally obnoxious. Feel free to make fun of me at will.

I have a video of the photo shoot jump but I can’t find it right now and I don’t want to delay getting this post up. So, enjoy the pdf. That’s all I gots fer ya!

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Skydiver

  1. I want a copy!
    I’m gonna send you my contact info, have one mailed to me =)

  2. Mary,

    Very well written article – I think you captured the true A-Type personality that most of us possess perfectly! 🙂

    Well done and enjoy your celebrity status 🙂 I had the same after convincing my CEO to take the whole company for a tandem jump earlier in the year…now everyone knows what I do every weekend! haha.

    Blue skies and happy days!

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