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Been MIA

Hey all, I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything…
Skydive season’s over, I’ve been dealing with tons of my “real life” stuff, work’s been hectic, planning two vacations, preparing myself for snowboard season, and simply haven’t jumped at all, so had a bit of a lack of material so to speak.

I’m actually heading to Cuba November 3rd and I’m hoping to get to jump at the DZ they have in Varadero… They use a WWII Soviet war plane and helicopter, I’m quite excited to jump from them… If they’re still running of course.

I’ll hopefully have some pictures and some updates of that one once I get back.

With this, I leave you with some badass videos:

We’ve all seen skyboarding… What about sky skiing?

I quite want to learn to do this… With a snowboard though 😛

And lastly, but not least of course :).

I’ve gotta give a shout out/credit to my buddies the Hired Guns, some of whom have taught my to skydive 😀

Blue ones!

– Adam

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