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Skydiving is like losing your virginity

Hey everyone, not much time to write up a post today, so I figured I’d give you guys a fun one.
I was talking to a friend’s mom today at the DZ and she was about to do her tandem.
It was her first time and I realized… Your first tandem jump is like losing your virginity…

You first see it as an impossible thing that people are crazy to do.
Then one day, someone eases you into the idea and you start to think about it.
As you think about it more and more, it starts to be an exciting idea, but you remain unsure and uneasy.
Then you meet the one… That one person who convinced you that it’s a good idea and pushes the right buttons to get you to want to do it.
As you get closer to the moment that you’re about to take the plunge into your first time, you start to get nervous, slightly excited, but mostly nervous.
More and more until finally, the day finally arrives.
You can’t sleep all night thinking about what’s about to happen.
The morning comes, and all you think about is what’s about to happen, you start to get scared, nervous, excited, all sorts of emotions are passing through your body.
Finally, you get on, things start getting interesting, excitement starts to settle in, the people around you participating are either new to it just like you, they’re still experimenting/learning, or they’re seasoned experts.
You’re about to take the plunge when 1 thought crosses through your mind: “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”
Then you take the plunge.
Once it’s over, there’s one of 2 things you think,
The first is: “That’s all?”
The second is: “I wanna do it again!”

2 thoughts on “Skydiving is like losing your virginity

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  2. …and 60 seconds later it’s finished. 🙂

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