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Published on October 17th, 2012 | by Adam


What does skydiving feel like?


You know, whenever I speak to people about my love for the sport, I often get the question “Why do you do it?”.
Its one of those things where my answer will be completely different from someone else’s yet quintessentially, it’s all the same.

Skydiving, to me is a sport, it’s a freedom, it’s a challenge and it’s a game. I’m not in it to win, I’m not in it to be the best (Although I’d love to be), I’m simply in it because of the feeling it gives me.

The most common follow up question I get is”What does it feel like?”

Does it feel like you’re falling?

Is it like a roller coaster?


Well, my answer to them is always the same: It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, but the simplest way to describe what you physically feel is quite straightforward. Lie down on the ground, put a big fan in front of you and that’s what you feel.

The physical feeling of freefall once actually at terminal is pretty much that. But the mental feeling, the psychological feeling, the emotional feeling… Those are indescribable…

I feel happy, I feel free, I forget everything that stresses me. I don’t forget because I’m nervous or focused, simply because nothing else matters.

The stress of not making that sale, scratching your car, getting a speeding ticket, breaking up with that person you’ve been dating for the past few months… None of it matters when you’re in freefall.


Being that skydiving season’s over in most of Canada and some of the northern states, I’d love to hear from you.

I want to know how YOU feel when you’re NOT skydiving. Do you feel nervous? Anxious to do it again? Depressed? Or do you simply get excited for next season?

Email me at


Blue ones everyone!



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2 Responses to What does skydiving feel like?

  1. Jana says:

    Man, all I did so far was bungy in terms of freefall, but reading this post makes even me depressed not being able to go to the drop zone and start. Honestly, I got fired up for skydiving due wingsuits, but regardless what my main goal is, I’m so motivated. And reading this does not help much with patiently waiting for kinder weather.

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